The First Mobile Estate Planning Assistant

Tax-Calc Now™ is now available for purchase in the Apple app store. Search for "Tax-Calc Now" to download at fraction of the cost of other tax calculation software. Downloading gives you use and free upgrades for a 12 month period. Pricing for the "Lite" version is $9.95 US.
Now available is Tax-Calc Now+. It is an enhanced professional version of Tax-Calc Now. Not only does it have all of the tools of the basic version but it also has an RMD calculator, a customizable internet button, printing capabilities, additional charitable calculators, annuity calculators, a life estate and remainder calculator as well as and ILIT calculator. Most importantly, it has 15 planning diagrams ranging from the difference between a will and a trust to the use of captive insurance companies in estate planning. GRATs, CRTs, Legacy Trusts, FLP planning, Family Office planning and Sales to DGTs are additional techniques explained in easy to understand and graphical format which can be printed to a local printer or e-mailed from your phone or iPad. Access to the IRS website and AFR rates is also provided so long as you have an internet connection.

What Is Tax-Calc Now™
Tax-Calc Now™ is a mobile app specialty calculator that is used by professionals in estate planning, accounting, financial planning, charitable planning and tax preparation. It provides quick calculations for:

  • Estate and gift taxes
  • Credit shelter trust planning
  • QPRTs
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Gift deduction estimates
  • Charitable lead annuity trusts
  • Present value and future value
  • Life expectancy
  • Insurance policies.

Help screens guide the user through the calculations. The clear, colorful interface makes entering data and interpreting results easy and fast.

Often when you are in a client meeting, the client will ask about the financial consequences of proposed course of action or suggestion. Now you can give them an estimate immediately using your iPhone. Tax-Calc Now™ is fast and easy and helps clients make decisions. While Tax-Calc Now™ does not replace a full and detailed analysis, it gives clients an estimate based on inputs and current IRS tables to help move the decision-making process forward.


"Tax-Calc Now™ lets me help clients with calculated estimates immediately when describing planning options relevant to them. I originally designed this APP to help me work with clients more efficiently whether in the office or at the client's location. I have since learned that many other professionals could use this APP to help set them apart from the rest of the field."

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